Wooderon Movie of the Year 2018: Best Dumb Movie

This last entry has always been something of a difficult one for me personally. Mainly because I’m almost completely burned out at the end of a marathon of blogging. It usually ends up getting split up over multiple parts, or being a week late. I have a slightly different problem this year, because while I was actually raring to write something about the great movies I’d seen in 2018, I realised I had hardly actually seen any new movies in 2018.

Wooderon Movie of the Year: Best Dumb Movie

For some reason, I just didn’t have the drive or the willingness to drive every time there was a movie out I might like. As the year bore on, the thought of getting stuck in traffic to see a movie when I could otherwise, stay home, watch some anime, or write for my blog ended up winning out. So, rather than try and cobble together a list involving the 10 best movies I actually saw this year, most of which were super hero movies, I thought I’d just pick out a handful in a few randomly assorted categorises and give them them a shout out for being interesting enough to drag me out of the house.

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