Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revisted – Part 1: U-Boats and Turncoats

Now I’ve got the unfortunate business of talking about that movie aside, we can start this series proper. Clone Wars Revisited, an erroneous name considering I only really saw bits and pieces of the series as it was originally airing. In this series I’m going to watch the 2008 series in chronological order, as helpfully listed on for the release of Disney+.

Talking though the stories, the elements of the old expanded universe that persist and those are are reworked for the new, post Disney, continuity. Looking at the series not just as a piece of entertainment, but how it adds to or alters the greater Star Wars continuity.

This first part will only focus on two episodes. I may dig into more in the future or fewer depending on the content of the episodes. This time though, I’m talking about Cat and Mouse; Episode 16 from Season 2 and Hidden Enemy; also Episode 16, this time from the first season.

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