Games played by volume: 2016

I didn’t do this last year, which has thrown me out of whack slightly because not all gaming devices have the pure, precise record keeping of the PC or any given Nintendo console. It’s like Microsoft and Sony didn’t want you to know how much time you’ve blown playing games throughout the year. I dunno. I didn’t play my PS4 anywhere near enough to have a game qualify for this list anyway so it’s a moot point I suppose. I also meant to write a top ten movies of 2016, but that got put on the back burner. At least for a few days.

So, without any further ado. Here are my top ten most played games in ascending order… you might see a common theme…

Pokemon Picross, played on the Nintendo 3DS for 39 hours & 51 minutes

Pokemon Y, played on the Nintendo 3DS for 43 hours & 52 minutes

Pokemon Red, played on the Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console) for 43 hours & 57 minutes

XCOM 2, played on the PC for 51 hours

World of Warcraft, played a Shaman on the PC for 63 hours & 57 minutes

Pokemon Sun, played on the Nintendo 3DS for 71 hours & 2 minutes

Pokemon Omega Ruby, played on the Nintendo 3DS for 81 hours & 18 minutes

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, played on the Xbox One for 82 hours & 53 minutes

Overwatch, played on the Xbox One for 134 hours & 23 minutes

Destiny, played on the Xbox One for over 300 hours, probably.

So I actually have over 1000 hours played on Destiny at this point, and considering only 111 of those were in 2014, and I know I played a hell of a lot more Destiny last year than this year, I’m doing a bit of mental gymnastics (guessing) to get to this number. Either way though, I’m pretty certain Destiny is still my most played game this year, even if I don’t know the exact number. XCOM 2 wasn’t actually on this list until recently. Writing about it for my game of the year list actually made me start a new game and get back into it again. It’s still bullshit hard as balls. Here’s hoping for another year of games consuming my life.


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