Sorry, No Blogs for a Couple of Days

As the title suggests, I’m not going to upload like I normally do for a couple of days. I do have some reviews half written, but these past two weeks have been rough.

Between me having to be at my regular night job a lot to cover people and a pretty nasty cold I’ve been dealing with, I’ve struggled to find the imagination and motivation to get anything finished. Well, finished in a form that wouldn’t feel rushed anyway.

Not only that, I’ve barely spent enough time conscious to get anything productive done. Seriously, these past to weeks of been a blur of sleep and work. I’ve also been fretting about moving house, which has been a process that has dragged out for months longer than I had expected it to, which is also playing on my mind. It’s a bit of a chaotic time right now to tell the truth.

So, my apologies for this dud week. I will try to get a mob psycho review up on Thursday, failing that I’ll just post it on Friday and start next week fresh. Sorry again everyone.

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