About Richard “Wooderon” Wood

I occurs to me that I’ve taken well over two years to actually write and post a page talking about myself. Time to rectify that.

Like the vast majority of people who write around these parts, I am a very nerdy guy. Interested in Video Games, Movies, Anime and Tabletop RPGs.

I’ve been writing pretty constantly throughout my life, really starting in earnest since my time studying a “Media and Print Journalism” course at Huddersfield University in 2010. Although I’m not a northern lad myself, I’m actually from the West Midlands, somewhere I’ve returned to after graduation.

After a tragic realisation that Newspaper Journalism wasn’t for me, I started writing for a number of personal pages and news websites, many of which have become lost to time and expiring domains. Sadly, gushing enthusiastically about movies and video games doesn’t pay the bills.

So now I juggle my passion for writing, video games, movies and all other manner of nerdish subject matter with my job as an Overnights Manager at a major supermarket chain. After taking some time off, I regained my motivation for writing and now have posts going up on here on a near daily basis.


Feel free to follow me on Twitter; where I’m also Wooderon and Instagram; where I’m richs_real_snaps. Or comment on here if you want to know anything else. I’m an open book and would welcome the social interaction.

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