My Hero Academia: Series 3 – Trading Hype for Heart

It occurs to me that I haven’t spent any time on my blog taking about My Hero Academia, despite the fact that it’s become one of my favourite anime of the last few years. As a shameless enjoyer of Shonen, Boku no Hīrō Academia is the perfect example of keeping a genre close to its tropes, but just doing them all incredibly well.

My Hero Academia: Series 3 - Trading Hype for Heart

I binged through the first two series last summer before catching up having having to do the agonising weekly wait to see the final few episodes of the second series. The series won me over with its earnest characters, a seemingly never ending escalation of hype and apparent high stakes for every little thing that happened. Season 3 steps back from that slightly, like it’s settled into its own skin, but it doesn’t make me love the show any less.

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A Beginner’s View on Lupin the Third Part 5

During this, my first year trying to get into Anime, I found myself picking up a number of shows I would have otherwise never invested any time into. Lupin the Third is the one of these shows. Truthfully, I had actually heard of Lupin the Third beforehand. It’s a show that did get huge outside of Japan, it just so happens Part V is my first actual experience with it.

A Beginner’s View on Lupin the Third Part 5

Not knowing anything going in, it managed to grab me almost right away. It makes a hell of a first impression. It’s a show that seeps style from every pore and is a lot smarter than I would have ever imagined, but let’s not get a head of ourselves.

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My Thoughts on: Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episodes 1 & 2

For a long time, as a western Dragon Ball fan, I’d see these videos pop on on Youtube. There was often little to no context to them. They seemed like these wondrous pieces of fan fiction turned into real art and animation for Dragon Ball. Eventually, down the line I realised they were trailers for a Japanese arcade game that was skyrocketing in popularity: Dragon Ball Heroes.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Review

The card based video game had these little trailers associated with them, ones that seemed to become more and more outlandish and fantastical from a fan’s point of view. It was like looking at a young fan’s toybox being turned into well animated snippets. So, when the announcement that Dragon Ball Heroes was getting an actual promotional anime, everyone’s interest was piqued, mine included.

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