Pokemon Sun and Moon have been thoroughly spoiled for me

Around Christmas time, there were a couple of kinds of kids I knew. There were those that no matter how much they wanted to know what they’d been given for Christmas, they’d never actually peek or open them early. I was one of these kids. Maybe it was a respect for the tradition of waiting for the appropriate time to open my gifts, or maybe it was because I wanted to save the surprises for one big moment to enjoy, or maybe I was just lame, whose to say. Then there were the other kind of kid, the one that couldn’t wait, who would shake their presents, rip paper to see inside or just go through their parent’s cupboards and open whatever they found. It’s the later of these people who have made it so enjoying a game as they come out is next to impossible.

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My Experience with Pokemon Go

I’ll admit that when Pokemon Go first started to emerge, I was very much a naysayer. I was one of the pissy “real fans” that thought a bunch of nostalgia sheep were encroaching on my turf. Everyone started talking about it and I got up on my high horse. But then everyone started talking about it, and my opinions on the game changed. Don’t get me wrong they’re still very mixed opinions, but I’m not being a douche about it anymore.


I appreciate Pokemon Go a lot for the cultural phenomena it has become. Bringing the most unlikely of people together in the most mundane of places. I apprechiate the crazy stories that have come out of it and the fact that it had just got more people outside. But all that aside, Pokemon Go is still a crappy game with a whole slew of problems. Continue reading “My Experience with Pokemon Go”

People jumping on the Call of Duty hate bandwagon

There was a time, when I was a much angier person, that would have been reveling in the fact that the new Call of Duty trailer is becoming one of the most disliked videos on Youtube. I would cheer how the “sheeple” are finally coming to their senses and realising the repetitive tripe Activision are putting out isn’t all that.


Now though, I realise that while Call of Duty may have a very specific section of its fan base I’m not too fond of, the games themselves still contain a high amount of polish to their campaigns and shouldn’t be written off all together based on their popularity. That all being said, I haven’t played a Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare 3, which was five games/years ago. I simply don’t have anything to see in the games they put out. Continue reading “People jumping on the Call of Duty hate bandwagon”

Is Kickstarter still a viable alternative to publishers

I recently received a code for a game I backed on Kickstarter over two years ago, and for the life of me I don’t rmember why. The game looks fine, it’s a platformer that mixes up the gameplay elements by harking to the platformer titles of the 8-bit era, 16-bit era and modern interpretations of the genre. Switching between these modes allow for the game to progress, it’s a neat idea.

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Assigning a Value to “Indie” Games

Do you know what my first reaction to seeing that The Witness was released yesterday: it wasn’t to go straight out and buy it. Instead, I sat on my hands staring at that £30 price tag wondering if the game was worth that much. The reported high quality of the game being a none factor, I found myself hung up on the cost to purchase the game. But considering what early reviews have to say, £30 is apparently a steal.


We’re at a point now where video games are as inexpensive as they’ve ever been, and yet we’re all still talking about our value for money and independent studios overcharging. People complain about the free games they get with services like PS plus and Games with Gold because they’re not getting the £50 triple A releases. Continue reading “Assigning a Value to “Indie” Games”