Mid-Week Review: Extermination

This would have made a real interesting pilot, had it been a Syfy original series. It has all the hallmarks of a high concept science fiction series which spent its limited budget on a stronger cast in favour of better visual effects. But as the main character’s voiceover confirmed the heavy handed themes of the movie, I realised I was probably better off.

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Mid-Week Review: Lost in Space (2018) – Episode 1: “Impact”

Having no frame of reference for this show besides a 1998 Matt LeBlanc vehicle that, if I remember right… wasn’t too amazing, I thought there was no reason not to give this new Netflix original a shot.

Mid-Week Review: Lost in Space (2018) - Episode 1: "Impact"

The first episode tells two stories simultaneously. First it deals with the Robinson family who suddenly find themselves crashed on an unknown planet. The other is the slow burn of events that lead this same family from being from a normal five people to being “Lost in Space”.

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